DrupalCamp Michigan 2013

October 12th, 2013 in Ann Arbor

Editors: SWIM (show what I mean) versus WYSIWYG

Kieran Mathieson

We geeks know the value of separating content from presentation. Unfortunately, WYSIWYG editors encourage users to blend the two. That causes problems with today's mobile devices. It will be worse with tomorrow's n-dimensional transmogrifying tattoo-embeded browsers.

SWIM (show what I mean) is an alternative to WYSIWYG. SWIM has three elements:

  • A markup language for users.
  • An editing interface that hides geekier aspects of the markup language.
  • A way for user communities to extend the markup language with their own markup standards.

In this presentation, you'll see:

  • A demo of a SWIM editor.
  • What its output looks like on different devices.
  • reStructuredText, the base markup language chosen for the current implementation of SWIM.
  • How the Python reStructuredText parser is integrated with a Drupal module.
30 minutes
Experience Level: